Call for Proposals
The call for proposals can be found here (pdf) and here (txt).

There are two kinds of invited proposals: Presentations and Tutorials. Please use the provided templates for the presentations and the tutorials.

Proposals in PDF format shall be submitted via EasyChair until May 22, 2011.
Driven by technological advances and by ever-growing need for higher quality, model-based testing (MBT) has matured in the last decade from a topic of research into an industrial technology. It has been successful in a wide span of application areas, including information and communication technology, internet protocols, information systems, embedded systems, and medical systems. This trend is reflected by the availability of multiple commercial grade tools, and growing activities around standardization related to MBT. After running a successful series of user conferences over the past 10 years, ETSI's Technical Committee “Methods for Testing & Specification (TC MTS)” decided in 2010 to initiate a similar event focusing on model-based testing: the ETSI MBT User Conference (MBTUC).
A multitude of academic conferences and workshops on model-based testing already exists. Nevertheless, many industrial experts and MBT practitioners miss an event dedicated to addressing engineering and application aspects of model-based testing. The ETSI Model-Based Testing User Conference fills this gap and offers an ideal opportunity for test designers, engineers working in test specification and automation, testing experts, quality and/or project managers, and for test tool and service providers from around the world to come together to see, hear about, share experiences as well as learn about the latest advances in the industrial use of model-based testing.

This event is organized by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and, in this first instance, the Fraunhofer institutes FIRST and FOKUS in Berlin. The first day will feature tutorials and training sessions on the application of model-based testing in industrial projects. The following conference will include presentations from members of the model-based testing user community, keynotes from invited speakers, a short vendor track for sponsors, and panel discussions. Cost of this event will be kept reasonable, as this is a purely non-profit conference.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
• Industrial experiences and case studies about applying model-based testing in different application domains, like
- Communication technology
- Information systems
- Embedded systems
- Medical systems
- Safety and security critical systems
- Application software
• Success stories and challenges of applying model-based testing to different types of testing
- Unit, component, integration, system, or end-to-end testing
- Functional, structural, robustness, security, or performance testing
- Embedded versus transaction processing systems
• Deployment of model-based testing
- Modeling methodologies for testing
- Model-based testing with model driven development
- Integration of generated tests into test execution frameworks
- Experiences about integrating of model-based testing into existing test processes and organizations
- Usage in different development processes (e.g. waterfall, agile, or Variants thereof)
- Business cases for the use of model-based testing
• Evaluations of model-based testing deployments
- Model-based versus manual test development
- Cost effectiveness of model-based testing
• Standardization efforts related to model-based testing
• Experiences in training and educating about model-based testing
We are soliciting for short proposals for 30 minute conference presentations (incl. questions) and 2-4 hour entry level or advanced tutorials. Submissions should seek for extracting a message for a broader user community, and avoid sole focus on a particular tool (except for tutorials). A proposal for a conference presentation or tutorial presentation shall be no longer than two A4 pages and must be written based on the appropriate template that will be provided soon.

The independent program committee, composed mostly from industry stakeholders, will judge on the acceptance of proposals. Proposals in PDF format shall be submitted via EasyChair. The program including the slides of accepted presentations and posters will be made available electronically to participants and on the conference web site.
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