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VOLT 2012
Verification and validation Of model Transformations
Montreal, Canada

Model transformations are everywhere in software development, implicitly or explicitly. They became first-class citizens with the advent of MDD — with explicit models also came explicit model transformations. VOLT 2012 is the first workshop to offer researchers a dedicated forum to classify, discuss, propose, and advance verification techniques dedicated to model transformations.

VOLT's interest spans both to academic and industrial practices. Part of the workshop is used as a forum for discussing practical applications of model transformation. The goal of the forum is to collect enough industrial case studies so that those problems can be stated at a theoretical level. In order to discuss these and further similar questions, we would like to invite submissions related to the following topics:

  • Application of model checking or theorem proving to model transformation: what are the relevant properties to prove?
  • Application of testing techniques to model transformation;
  • Verification of transformations of models expressed in languages defined using MOF or EMF
  • Syntactic and semantic preservation of model transformations, particularly when translating models into different languages
  • Verification of domain-specific model transformation, in contrast to general-purpose transformations
  • Taxonomies of techniques for the verification of model transformation
  • Case studies and experience reports
  • Tools and automation
  • Theoretical considerations


  • Levi Lúcio, McGill University, Canada
  • Eugene Syriani, University of Alabama, USA
  • Stephan Weißleder, Fraunhofer FIRST, Germany
  • Photo Credit

    André Karwath published the picture on the VOLT banner at wikipedia. The picture is published using the creative commons BY-SA 2.5.