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QuoMBaT 2013
Quality of Model-Based Testing
Lugano, Switzerland

Model-based testing (MBT) is an advanced testing technique that is becoming more and more popular in the software testing community. Several experience reports and success stories have been presented and published so far. However, the capabilities and limitations of MBT still need to be understood and evaluated in order to adapt the approach in particular testing projects. Thus, there is the need for further success stories but also for failure stories. Furthermore, we see the need to discuss and define objective means for defining when an MBT project has been successful or how to compare different approaches to MBT. The latter is most important for all people that are interested in applying MBT for the first time. There are many MBT tools available and there are questions like, e.g., where to apply which tool and under which conditions...

The workshop on Quality of Model-Based Testing (QuoMBaT) addresses the crucial need for discussing the quality characteristics of MBT's approaches: How can approaches be compared and their quality be measured? Which kind of quality criteria are adequate? What is the fault-detection capability of an automatically generated test suite compared to that of a manually produced one? Furthermore, we are interest in success stories and failure stories, new approaches in MBT with a real advantage for end users, and means for effectively comparing different MBT approaches.

The objective of this second QuoMBaT workshop is to offer a forum for researchers and practitioners who are already working in this area or are interested in exploring MBT. QuoMBaT 2013 will be associated with the ISSTA conference in Lugano, Switzerland. The workshop proceedings will be published by ACM.

The workshop has been merged with the JAMAICA workshop.