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QuoMBaT 2010
Quality of Model-Based Testing
Paris, France

Model-based testing (MBT) encompasses all testing techniques where a system under test (SUT) is compared to a reference specification in form of a model. This includes methods for the generation of test cases from the model, for making a test verdict from a test execution, and for the execution of a system with respect to some given test model or test suite.

The workshop on Quality of Model-Based Testing (QuoMBaT) addresses a crucial need for discussing MBT: How can or should the quality of a newly proposed approach be measured? How can existing approaches be compared? What is the fault-detection capability of an automatically generated test suite compared to that of a manually produced one? Which coverage criteria are adequate? At which level should coverage be measured? Which mutation operators should be used in mutation analysis? Subsumption is used to compare coverage criteria and weak mutation - are there similar approaches for strong mutation? How can model-based testing be evaluated in comparison to other testing approaches? What statements about SUT quality can be derived from test quality?

The objective of this first QuoMBaT workshop is to offer a forum for researchers and practitioners who are working in the area of quality assurance (QA) in MBT:

  • Quality measurement for model-based test generation: How should test cases be generated in order to ensure high quality?
  • Quality measurement for models and meta models: What makes a good test model?
  • Comparisons of approaches to quality measurement: What kind of measurement is most promising?

We emphasize that QuoMBaT is focussed on QA of MBT. So, we are interested in submissions and discussions about the evaluation and comparison of existing techniques or measureable improvements. Correspondingly, we are not interested in new modeling techniques, but in how to measure the quality of modeling techniques. The same holds for test generation, test execution, test oracles, test evaluation, and MBT itself.

All accepted papers will be published in the IEEE digital library.


Stephan Weißleder, Fraunhofer FIRST / HU Berlin, Germany
Levi Lúcio, University Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
Holger Schlingloff, Fraunhofer FIRST / HU Berlin, Germany